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Medical network options

First Health network – A national PPO network, with more than 5,000 hospitals, over 90,000 ancillary facilities and over 1 million health care professional service locations*. We hold direct contracts with our providers and have strong relationships. Access is wide-ranging – more than 96 percent of people in the United States are within 20 miles of a network provider*.


Cofinity Network – Cofinity is one of the leading PPO networks in Michigan and Colorado. Our negotiated rates make us competitive in the marketplace. Our goal is to provide better than average savings.


Transplant network – You also get access to the national Institutes of Excellence™ Transplant Access Network when you choose First Health or Cofinity as your primary network .**


First Health Complementary Network – A broad national network for use in a secondary position to get savings outside of your primary network. Members can benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs by using in-network doctors and hospitals.

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*As of December, 2017 First Health Data Warehouse

**Some restrictions apply.

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